"At first glance, Max Michaels doesn't look like the type of guy who makes an economy soar. In Michaels' case, he has had a pretty direct impact on Jacksonville's economy"
- The Florida Times-Union


Max Michaels has been called a prolific artist and his influence on his local and regional scene is unmistakable. In 1992 he first published MOVEMENT magazine independently with his own creative outline in mind, focusing on the music and arts scene. Well over a decade later he is still publishing the magazine which has correspondents across the county and around the world. Publishing the magazine has lead him into dozens of other projects including gallery exhibitions of his Rock and multimedia photography, club & nightlife promotions, music and talent management, and film production. This is his official web site with quotes from notable peers and a detailed outline with links to the many projects - some retired and some are still evolving to this day - that were all spawned from the creative mind of this Jacksonville, FL native.


Get a quick look at all of my current projects at PerpetualMovement.net



"At first glance, Max Michaels doesn't look like the type of guy who makes an economy soar. In Michaels' case, he has had a pretty direct impact on Jacksonville's economy: Michaels and his business partner, Nathaniel Thorin, produce Movement Magazine, decorate nightclubs, design Web sites and handle a host of tasks that combine art and business.” "
- Timothy J. Gibbons, The Times-Union article "The Cool Factor"


"You are officially a pillar of the community, in the shadows lurking."
-mactruque, Artist


"Max Micheals is still my hero. We gotta thank you for being the greatest inspiration a zinester in Duval could ever have."
- Section 8, scene zine - Jacksonville, FL


"I really think you should teach here at my school. Everything that you have tried to instill in employees of the magazine, club and other ventures [for free] they are teaching college kids at outragous prices!"
- Alisha E., Movement intern


"You are brilliant!!!"
- Steve Williams - Pedestrian Projects, Jacksonville, FL


"You are the man and keep fightin the good fight. Viva Movement!"
- Moxxi Saint Claire, Experimental Theatre Performer/Writer


"Awesome, thanks Max!!! Your writing is entertaining!"
- PARAMOUNT pictures representative for CLOVERFIELD review


"We LOVE it! We really feel like you understand
our creative and professional vision!"
- Karen Barnes for web site design of NinjaLife.net


"I like this professional shit!!!"
- Martin Atkins (Invisible Records) for Sheep On Drugs tour design


"MAX you are a Genius!!""
- Dj Catharsis on flyer design for Canvas of Sound


Truly looks awesome."
- Troy (Museum of Contemporary Art) on flyer design for Canvas of Sound


"Max has done it again. He freakin' rules!"
- Amanda (WaxCreative/DreamCon) for flyer design


"You're so kind showing things in such detail.
You're such a wiz!"
- Gunnel (Edge City) on design advice


"Just want to compliment Max on the great job he did."
- Ralph (MDRsterling) on Illustrator design for shopping bags)


“Dark, twisted, and ominously beautiful.”
Darren Lynn Bousman,
director of REPO! The Genetic Opera

“Max, with camera always in hand, stitches together an appropriately creepy, living dead world littered with the segmented worms of his own adventures. Of course nothing but fun is to be had in the real world with Max, yet he neatly manages to sculpt the Sturm und Drang, trauma induced peeking, just behind his eyelids.”
ohGr/Skinny Puppy

"For those of us whose tastes are firmly entrenched in the macabre, it's easy to fall in love with the dark world Michaels has created. But what truly sets him apart is the fact that he creates every photographic element in each piece. In this day of appropriation where 'works of art' are comprised of clip-art and digital 'found objects' from the virtual junkyard of the internet, it is commendable the pains he's taken to create every corner of his strange and wonderful world."
filmmaker, Musician, Artist


Max Michaels has an artistic vision that uses the human body not merely as inspiration, but rather as the frame work for conceptual, political, and social commentary. The images range from beautiful to horrific, but rarely wander from their focus on anatomy as the mechanism of art-making, as opposed to its subject matter. Although constructed through photographic elements, the images contain a sculptural quality and each structure takes on a scientific aesthetic. The human figure is eerily warped into 'Frankensteinian' creations built to represent a perspective of the world, but always containing an element of shock. In his art, the sanctity of the human body is often violated, and this serves to jar the viewer into feeling the concept, even before the analytical mind can grasp it.
of The Crüxshadows

“I love what Max does, just like in a good remix or production of a song - the manipulations, the days of messing and leaps of thought mesh into one co-hesive thought - a unique signature. Pretty rare to see these days.”
Martin Atkins


"Max's work exists somewhere out on the periphery between classic surrealism and his own twisted dream logic."
William Morrison
of American Memory Project and ohGr


"GROTESQUE poignantly explores the dark side of cybernetics ... of man and machine combined. A future that haunts the dark corners of our minds."
Nick Young
of the band A.i.


"The galleries are fantastic. I really liked 'Grotesque' 'No Resolution' and your 'Voyeur' series. I also like how diverse all the work is, as well."
Chris Vrenna
of Tweaker/Nine Inch Nails


"I love it.... very interesting images."
Thomas Kuntz
artist of ancient arcana and modern technologies


"This is the stuff nightmares are made of.
Awesome, and utterly fantastic to observe."
- Brett Hudson


"While browsing I found your artwork.
I wanted to say that I think you are
an entirely twisted genius.
I am absolutely astounded by your work."
- J. Kallio


"Your Art Is Amazing! This is just amazing
and I wanted to let you know
that I think your art is great,
the work of a very talented person!"
- Juan Cabana


"You should certainly be proud of the scene
you've contributed to ... everyone spoke so
highly of you. I know they are lucky to have you!"
- Bradley - CHANT, Austin TX


"Thanx for making [Skinny Puppy]
happen here in Jax Max!"
- Anne K.


"I truly feel I found my new home at the FACTORY!!!I
Love it!!! Truly adore it!!! See you there!!!"
- Velvet Kisses


"[FACTORY] is the best damn club!
Keep up the fantastic work!"
- Rik& Matt of EARTH EMPIRE


"For the record.. This past weekend was my second time
at Factory. I love the people, the music, and everything
you bring to Jax. I will definetly be around more often and
thanx to those who work hard to keep this club going!"
- Jessica


Quotes on FAERIE PERIL, Max's first film:

- Matt Soergel - Movie critic - The Florida Times Union (Jacksonville.com)


"It looks like Dave McKean and Jim Henson had a love child."
- Avery Butterworth
Merger Studios (www.mergerstudios.com)


-Tony Allegretti


"I really enjoyed your film and look forward to
screening it at the Museum."
- Allison Graff - Director of Education - Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art


"The piece is faerie cool. Great use of music,
I am happy to participate. You are so talented
and it really is great to collaborate with you."
- Curse Mackey
Grim Faeries, PIGFACE, Thrill Kill Kult
deComposer of the musical score for Faerie Peril


"Faerie Peril reminds me of Curse."
- Xtina X
Grim Faeries
deComposer of the musical score for Faerie Peril


-Abra, age 7. Spawn of Curse and Xtina