Max Michaels is a prolific artist. His influence on his local scene is unmistakable. In 1992 he first published MOVEMENT magazine independently with his own creative outline in mind, focusing on the music and arts scene. Well over a decade later he is still publishing the magazine which has correspondents across the county and around the world. Publishing the magazine has lead him into dozens of other projects including gallery exhibitions of his Rock and multimedia photography, club & nightlife promotions, music and talent management, and film production. This is his official web site with quotes from notable peers and a detailed outline with links to the many projects - some retired and some are still evolving to this day - that were all spawned from the creative mind of this Jacksonville, FL native.



On Max:

"You are
officially a pillar of the community,
in the shadows lurking."

-mactruque, Artist

"Max Micheals is still my hero.
We gotta thank you for being the
greatest inspiration a zinester in Duval
could ever have."

- Section 8, scene zine - Jacksonville, FL

"You are like a dark genius/saint mixed in with fairy godmother."
- Shawn Laasch, GeeX5 productions - Jacksonville, FL

"At first glance, Max Michaels doesn't look like the type of guy
who makes an economy soar. In Michaels' case, he has had a
pretty direct impact on Jacksonville's economy: Michaels and his
business partner, Nathaniel Thorin, produce Movement Magazine,
decorate nightclubs, design Web sites and handle a host
of tasks that combine art and business.” "
- Timothy J. Gibbons, The Times-Union article "The Cool Factor"

"Happy Birthday MAX @ MOVEMENT, it's good you were born otherwise Jacksonville wouldn't have one of the most influential magazines ever in Florida peninsular history."
- IAn Pèninsolar, musician - Jacksonville, FL

"Thanks, brother! I blame you for everything."
- James Hance, International Artist of Mystery

"I really think you should teach here at my school.
Everything that you have tried to instill in employees of the
magazine, club and other ventures [for free] they are teaching
college kids at outragous prices!"
- Alisha E., Movement intern

"You are brilliant!!!"
- Steve Williams -, Jacksonville, FL

"You are the man and keep fightin the good fight. 
Viva Movement!"

- Moxxi Saint Claire, Experimental Theatre Performer/Writer

"Awesome, thanks Max!!! Your writing is entertaining!"
- PARAMOUNT pictures representative for CLOVERFIELD review

On design:

"We LOVE it! We really feel like you understand
our creative and professional vision!"

- Karen Barnes for web site design of

"I like this professional shit!!!"
- Martin Atkins (Invisible Records) for Sheep On Drugs tour design

"MAX you are a Genius!!""
- Dj Catharsis on flyer design for Canvas of Sound

Truly looks awesome."

- Troy (Museum of Contemporary Art) on flyer design for Canvas of Sound

"Max has done it again. He freakin' rules!"
- Amanda (WaxCreative/DreamCon) for flyer design

"You're so kind showing things in such detail.
You're such a wiz!"

- Gunnel (Edge City) on design advice

"Just want to compliment Max on the great job he did."
- Ralph (MDRsterling) on Illustrator design for shopping bags)

On Nightlife Promotions:

"Max is a one man promo team"
Robb Eggleston, TWITCH DJ Gainesville

"You should certainly be proud of the scene
you've contributed to ... everyone spoke so
highly of you. I know they are lucky to have you!"

- Bradley - CHANT, Austin TX

"Thanx for making [Skinny Puppy]
happen here in Jax Max!"

- Anne K.

"I truly feel I found my new home at the FACTORY!!!I
Love it!!! Truly adore it!!! See you there!!!"
- Velvet Kisses

"[FACTORY] is the best damn club!
Keep up the fantastic work!"
- Rik& Matt of EARTH EMPIRE

"For the record.. This past weekend was my second time
at Factory. I love the people, the music, and everything
you bring to Jax. I will definetly be around more often and
thanx to those who work hard to keep this club going!"
- Jessica

"Max, it was you insisting on this party that made it happen. Thank you
for "making me" do it! We made a lot of people really happy. The music
and all the people who showed up are still spinning in my head."
- Ed Wilson, owner fo the MILK BAR on being infuenced into doing a reunion.

On Art:

“Dark, twisted, and ominously beautiful.”
Darren Lynn Bousman,
director of REPO! The Genetic Opera

"For those of us whose tastes are firmly entrenched in the macabre, it's easy
to fall in love with the dark world Michaels has created. But what truly sets
him apart is the fact that he creates every photographic element in each
piece. In this day of appropriation where 'works of art' are comprised of
clip-art and digital 'found objects' from the virtual junkyard of the internet,
it is commendable the pains he's taken to create every corner of his
strange and wonderful world."
filmmaker, Musician, Artist

Max Michaels has an artistic vision that uses the human body
not merely as inspiration, but rather as the frame work for
conceptual, political, and social commentary. The images range
from beautiful to horrific, but rarely wander from their focus on
anatomy as the mechanism of art-making, as opposed to its
subject matter. Although constructed through photographic
elements, the images contain a sculptural quality and each
structure takes on a scientific aesthetic. The human figure
is eerily warped into 'Frankensteinian' creations built to
represent a perspective of the world, but always containing an
element of shock. In his art, the sanctity of the human body
is often violated, and this serves to jar the viewer into feeling
the concept, even before the analytical mind can grasp it.
of The Crüxshadows

“Max, with camera always in hand, stitches together
an appropriately creepy, living dead world littered
with the segmented worms of his own adventures.
Of course nothing but fun is to be had in the real
world with Max, yet he neatly manages to sculpt
the Sturm und Drang, trauma induced peeking,
just behind his eyelids.”
ohGr/Skinny Puppy

“I love what Max does, just like in a good remix or
production of a song - the manipulations, the days
of messing and leaps of thought mesh into one
co-hesive thought - a unique signature.
Pretty rare to see these days.”
Martin Atkins

"Max's work exists somewhere out on the periphery
between classic surrealism and his own
twisted dream logic."
William Morrison
of American Memory Project and ohGr

"GROTESQUE poignantly explores the dark side of cybernetics ...
of man and machine combined. A future that haunts the
dark corners of our minds."
Nick Young
of the band A.i.

"The galleries are fantastic. I really liked 'Grotesque'
'No Resolution' and your 'Voyeur' series.
I also like how diverse all the work is, as well."

Chris Vrenna
of Tweaker/Nine Inch Nails

"I love it.... very interesting images."
Thomas Kuntz
artist of ancient arcana and modern technologies

"This is the stuff nightmares are made of.
Awesome, and utterly fantastic to observe."

- Brett Hudson

"While browsing I found your artwork.
I wanted to say that I think you are
an entirely twisted genius.
I am absolutely astounded by your work."

- J. Kallio

"Your Art Is Amazing! This is just amazing
and I wanted to let you know
that I think your art is great,
the work of a very talented person!"

- Juan Cabana

On Film:

Quotes on FAERIE PERIL, Max's first film:

- Matt Soergel - Movie critic - The Florida Times Union (

"It looks like Dave McKean and Jim Henson had a love child."
- Avery Butterworth
Merger Studios (

-Tony Allegretti

"I really enjoyed your film and look forward to
screening it at the Museum."

- Allison Graff - Director of Education - Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art

"The piece is faerie cool. Great use of music,
I am happy to participate. You are so talented
and it really is great to collaborate with you."

- Curse Mackey
Grim Faeries, PIGFACE, Thrill Kill Kult
deComposer of the musical score for Faerie Peril

"Faerie Peril reminds me of Curse."
- Xtina X
Grim Faeries
deComposer of the musical score for Faerie Peril

-Abra, age 7. Spawn of Curse and Xtina


• Music, arts and culture, indie scene zine in print since 1992.
• One of the first publications to mirror its full content online in 1998.
• Participating publication in the Jacksonville Public Library ZINE Collection.

1996 - Ongoing

General entertainment flyer resource. The Event Calendar has reinvented the way

local businesses look at their advertising. The Event Calendar is a flyer with all
advertising and no editorial. Distributed to approximately 175 locations in the
Jacksonville area and its beaches each week. The event listings are also
available on the MOVEMENT web site.


Movement side projects include:

1999 - Ongoing

Local music support collective. Download music for FREE!


1996 - Ongoing

MOVEMENTA's Comic and Graphic novel indie publishing house

Related publishing projects:

2002 - Ongoing

Alternative entertainment resource for Jacksonville

2002 - 2005 (retired)
Resource guide for Historic Five Points



Jax's first Nerdcore club night featuring live music, stage shows, DJs, art, gaming, cosplay and more!



Fat Kat, Club 5, ECLIPSE, VENUE, Square One, Edge17, Cafe 331, Walkers, Square One, The Norm, and currently once a month at TSi
Dark Alternative/Dance club night.

2000 -2002

Thee Imperial (Downtown Jax)
Goth/Industrial/Dark Wave
DJs Alex Pagan and John Carraway


The French Quarter
Alternative Dark Fetish Burlesque Theatre.
Promotional director for alternative theatre by Mistress Kitten

in a hard edged club environment. Alternative live staged and improv theatre.
Hosted by Klinger of Planet Radio


The Marquee Theatre (formerly Club 5)
Alternative Dark Theatre.
Promotional director for alternative theatre by Moxie Laune'
in a hard edged club environment. Live alternative improv theatre.

CLUB 5 - The Marquee Theatre - Fat Kat - Eclipse
Co-creator and promotional director of the Studio 54 styled Fetish Theatre night.

A remarkably popular night club event every Saturday night at Club 5 in Historic
5 Points under the direction of maverick venue owner Bruce Chambers.

Average 800-1200 patrons each Saturday. Night consisted of Fetish theatre
shows by Blixx & Ravynn and Mistress Kitten with special guests,

Drag shows and specialty acts (i.e. magicians and side show performances).

Directorial duties include booking bands, Dj’s and party themes, as well as

creating logos, flyers and ads.

THE DOMINION (Tuesday / Saturdays)

The Continent / Fat Kat
Goth/Industrial/Dark Wave
DJs John Carraway and Tristan
In the beginning the Dominion started in Club 5’s backstage as a Tuesday night

Gothic promotion with Dj Ian Fford (who is currently a resident at New York’s most

popular Goth nights) With the addition of the live action role-playing game

VAMPIRE: the Masquerade the club requested a Saturday night be added.

Bringing in the legendary talents of Dj Myk World the night flourished, on some

nights matching the numbers of the main club. Due to renovations the night had

to be shut down, but resumed six months later when the Continent asked to

pick up the night. The one night a week promotion lasted for approximately

eleven months until the club was closed.

The Dominion briefly reopened at XANADU for a three week stint in 2000.

HALCYON (Wednesdays)

House/electronica night
Resident DJ Jeremy McDonald
Guest Dj's included Robert Goodman, Shake, NOVA, Ray Mueler,
Darel Duke, Crown One and many more.

MONDAY @ MAX'S (Mondays)

Club 5's Backstage
House/Dance night.
A weekly club promotion, Monday at Max’s was a weekly gathering of friends

and Dj’s for socializing and good music. It began at Max’s house and the night

became so popular it was moved to a night club environment. Halcyon,

a Wednesday night promotion shared by Max and Dj Jeremy, featured

Dj’s from Jacksonville and around Florida. Creators of promotional campaigns

like “Where were you on Monday?”, “Free OJ” night (in honor of OJ Simpson

they gave away free orange juice) and “Old Rave Night”, a night dedicated to the

classic hits from the beginnings of the musical phenomena

soon to be known as electronica.





1997 - Ongoing
Promoted multiple movie parties through Movement, the Event Calendar

and numerous night club promotions. Teamed up with media diva Damien Storm

in the beginning, now Max continues to provides a promotional outlet through

a combination of print advertising and parties.

Movies represented include:

The CROW: City of Angels, Beavis & Butthead Do America, Romeo & Juliet, SPAWN, Money Talks, MIMIC, Boogie Nights, A Life Less Ordinary, BEAN, One Night Stand, ALIEN: RESURRECTION, MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION, SCREAM 2, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Queen Of the Damned, Thirteen Ghosts, Eight Legged Freaks, Willard, Terminator 3, Hellboy, Dawn of the Dead, Spiderman 1 and 2, The Village, Alien VS Predator, The Exorcist: the beginning, The Forgotten, Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow, Resident Evil 1 and 2, The Grudge, Elektra, Boogeyman, Constantine, SIN CITY, The Amityville Horror, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, House of Wax, STAR WARS III, Batman: Begins, LAND OF THE DEAD, War of the Worlds, Fantastic 4, Dark Water, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Devil's Rejects, RED EYE, The Cave, The 40 Year Old Virgin, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Corpse Bride, Cry Wolf, INTO THE BLUE, WAITing, DOOM, THE FOG, SAW II, Wallace &Gromit : The Curse of the Wererabbit, Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, AEON FLUX, The Chronicles of Narnia, KING KONG, The Producers 2006, Underworld Evolution, Final Destination 3, Hills Have Eyes, Night Watch, V for Vendetta, Silent Hill, POSEIDON, Wicker Man, The Covenant, The Omen 666, Nacho Libre, Superman Returns, Clerks 2, Lady In the Water, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Monster House, The GRUDGE 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning ,Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny, The Fountain, Eragon, Happily N'Ever After, The Hitcher, Blood and Chocolate, The Messengers, The Number 23, Ghost Rider, 300, TMNT, The Last Mimzy, GRINDHOUSE, FRACTURE, HOT FUZZ, Spider-Man 3, 28 WEEKS LATER, NEXT, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Shrek the Third, HOSTEL pt II, TRANSFORMERS, Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, The Simpsons, HOT ROD, Stardust, HALLOWEEN, SUPERBAD, BALLS OF FURY, Resident Evil: Extinction, Across The Universe, EASTERN PROMISES, Dragon Wars, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, CONTROL, HORRORFEST 07, The Mist, Beowulf, The Golden Compass, I AM LEGEND, ALIEN VS PREDATOR 2, Sweeney Todd, One Missed Call, CLOVERFIELD, THE EYE, DIARY OF THE DEAD, JUMPER, Charlie Bartlett, 10,000 B.C., FUNNY GAMES, Horton Hears A Who, Run, Fat Boy, Run, 21, PROM NIGHT, THE RUINS, ZOMBIE STRIPPERS, IRON MAN, Speed Racer, WANTED, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, THE STRANGERS, KUNG FU PANDA, GET SMART, The LOVE GURU, ZOHAN, WALL • E, Hancock, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Journy to the Center of the Earth, BATMAN The Dark Knight, THE MUMMY: Dragon Emperor, CLONE WARS, PINAPPLE EXPRESS, CTHULHU, COLLEGE, BLINDNESS, EAGLE EYE, BODY OF LIES, SAW V, BOLT, TWILIGHT, REPO - A GENETIC OPERA, YES MAN, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, THE SPIRIT, THE UNINVITED, INKHEART, Paul Blart: MALL COP, UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS, FRIDAY THE 13th, Watchmen, MONSTERS VS ALIENS, KNOWING, 17 Again, STAR TREK, ANGELS AND DEMONS, TERMINATOR: SALVATION, TRANSFORMERS 2, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Ugly Truth, G.I. JOE, BANDSLAM, HURT LOCKER, DISTRICT 9, THE FINAL DESTINATION, 9, THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT, WHIP IT, ZOMBIELAND, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, SAW VI, ASTRO BOY, THE BOX, The Fourth Kind, 2012, TWILIGHT New Moon, PLANET 51, Boondock Saints II, Fantastic Mr Fox, SHERLOCK HOLMES, DAYBREAKERS, LEGION, EDGE OF DARKNESS, WHEN IN ROME, SHUTTER ISLAND, Alice in Wonderland, CLASH OF THE TITANS, How to Train Your Dragon, KICK ASS, IRON MAN 2, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, SPLICE, TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE, INCEPTION, The Last Airbender, The Sorcerers Apprentice, SCOTT PILGRIM, THE LAST EXCORCISM, RESIDENT EVIL Afterlife 3D, EASY A, MEGAMIND, BURIED, Legend of the Guardians, TRON LEGACY, TANGLED, GREEN HORNET, THE MECHANIC, I AM NUMBER FOUR, THOR, RANGO, THE RITE, PRIEST, RED RIDING HOOD, SUCKER PUNCH, BATTLE: LA, TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, HARRY POTTER: 7 part 2, GREEN LANTERN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, COWBOYS & ALIENS, FRIGHT NIGHT, 50/50, DREAM HOUSE, ANONYMOUS, REAL STEEL, THE THING, RED STATE, THREE MUSKETEERS, IMMORTALS, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,THE MUPPETS, HUGO, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, 30 MIN OR LESS, SHES OUT OF MY LEAGUE, THE LOSERS, TAKERS, JONAH HEX, Bruno, Hotel Transylvania, Pitch Perfect, Warm Bodies, LOOPER, Here Comes The Boom, FRIGHT NIGHT, FINAL DESTINATION 5, EXTRODINARY MEASURES, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, HATCHET II, DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS. DEATH AT A FUNERAL, PRINCE OF PERSIA, Battle of the Year, RUSH, THOR: The Dark World, Hobbit, Monsters University, Man of Steel, RED 2, The Conjuring, R.I.P.D., PACIFIC RIM, Despicable Me 2, White House Down, Armored, Lincoln, FLIGHT, THIS IS THE END, IRON MAN 3, EVIL DEAD, Now You See Me, Fast and Furious 6, Jurassic Park 3D, OBLIVION, Cloud Atlas, This is 40, SKYFALL, Resident Evil 5, Sinister, Alex Cross, Rock of Ages, MEN IN BLACK 3, That's My Boy, Snow White and the Huntsman, CHERNOBYL DIARIES, The Dictator, DARK SHADOWS, AVENGERS, Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans, Cabin In The Woods, Pirates!, Man On A Ledge, Fright Night, The Social Network, HATCHET II, The Other Guys, You're Next, GRAVITY, ESCAPE PLAN, World's End, World War Z, Enders Game.



1998 - Ongoing
Design themed decorations for numerous parties all over Jacksonville, FL. 

Created club image development from the name, logo, interior and exterior design

for clubs including The Monarch, XANADU, and EDGE 17.







An amazing collection of the photography of Max Michaels from the pages
of MOVEMENT magazine. This site has become a visual doumentary of the
Alternative/Electronic icons of the 90's to present.

2002 - Ongoing

A new series for the STARSHAPED saga featuring personal portraits of
some of Dark Alternative's greatest acts.Featured in the folling exhibits:
INDUSTRIA : art exhibition - The Karpeles Manuscript Museum - Jacksonville, FL
INDUSTRIA : art exhibition - Pigface Florida Tour 2005
INDUSTRIA : art exhibition - Factory


A collection of portraits and promo shots of local Jacksonville bands.


An series of surreal photography composed entirely of original
photographs by Max Michaels. Featured in the folling exhibits:

TRINITY - art exhibition - Art Bar - Jax, FL
TRINITY II: Second Coming - art exhibition - Brooklyn Center - Jax, FL
TRINITY 2.5: INTERLUDE - art exhibition - Thee Imperial - Jax, FL
TRINITY III: ALPHA/OMEGA - art exhibition - INFINITY complex - Jax, FL
GROTESQUE exhibit - art exhibition - The Masquerade - Tampa, FL
GROTESQUE 6.6.6 exhibit - art exhibition - Martini's Music Hall

PANOPTICON XII - art exhibition - 9th & Main/Springfield - Jax, FL

SINGULARTY - Dark Arts Callebration - Sea Walk Hotel - Jax, FL


A collection of photos from Max Michaels personal collection.



1993 - Ongoing

Formerly known as Magnetto! Graphics (with Mark George),
and Pupils On Auto (with Nathan Thorin) DESIGN:MAX is a
specialty prepress design house creating the "look and feel"
for cleints as well as logos,
flyers, business-cards, invitations,
gift-certificates, posters, CD and album art, promotional photos
and press materials for bands and events, security laminates,
T-shirts, playbills, stickers, etc. for clients like Downtown Vision's
ART WALK, Miller High Life, tattoo artists, hair stylists, realty companies,
nearly every nightclub and alternative business in Jacksonville.
Max Michaels also lends his talents of photography, CD packaging design
and production to local bands and DJs.



2002 - Ongoing

Credits on:
     - PSA: Ode to the Mother
     - Faerie Peril
     - Music videos for local bands


1999 - Ongoing

Individualized personal management and consultation.
E-mail for more info



©1992-2014 Max Michaels / MOVEMENT Publishing / Trinity Arts